One Family Health is a network of 107 small-scale medical clinics in Rwanda, and our founder Greg Starbird was there at its inception.

In 2007, Greg flew to Rwanda on behalf of The HealthStore Foundation with only a powerpoint presentation and one local bishop's phone number in hopes of opening clinics in Rwanda. 

After a lot of hard work and finalizing an MOU with the Ministry of Health, Greg and a growing team led by Gunther Faber, who was instrumental in attracting funding and negotiating the partnership with the government, were able to open three small-scale, private medical clinics and successfully advocate a formal Public-Partnership with the Ministry of Health.

Today, Gunther sill runs and has grown the One Family Health network to 107 small-scale medical clinics operated in partnership with the MoH of Rwanda. Success like this—which involved MANY bumps along the road—required a combination of technical know-how, intercultural awareness, and interpersonal skills. These hard-earned skills included: 

  • Networking and negotiating with the Minister of Health and the head of the President’s Cabinet
  • Discussing supply chain mechanics, pricing, quality control, etc. with suppliers;
  • Analyzing the regulatory environment, cultural mores, key players, and gaps in healthcare delivery; 
  • Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring local staff in Kigali;
  • Tapping high-level international global health experts and franchise executives to inform our launch / growth sequence;
  • Preparing financial projections, business plans, grant applications, and social investment documentation to attract and update funders;
  • Drafting PPP documents for negotiation with the MoH;
  • Successfully advocating for payments from mutual insurance pools to franchised clinics;
  • Working with a S. African technology company to inform the development of an application to collect clinic data and submit claims documentation to mutual insurance pools;
  • Numerous course corrections,
    • De-registering international NGO in favor of locally-registered low-profit limited liability company (L3C);
    • Changing from a purely private sector (but mission-driven) project to a formal partnership with the government;