Starbird Consulting conducted a feasibility study for an urban primary healthcare clinic business model in Mozambique. The study was sponsored by Oxford Policy Management, a UK-based organization committed to helping low- and middle-income countries achieve growth and reduce poverty and disadvantage through public policy reform.

Greg Starbird was the lead, with substantial input from:

  • Denis Garand (Canadian actuary providing expert input into household survey results and microinsurance / prepaid health plan component);
  • Sergio Chicumbe (Mozambican medical doctor providing expert input into clinical, regulatory, and medico-social dynamics);
  • Gabriel Machado (Mozambican lead of a UK-govt-funded portfolio of business development / employment initiatives)

After gathering intelligence through wide-ranging discussions with local patients, healthcare providers, suppliers, government officials and others, we provided OPM with the following:

  • Survey results and analysis
  • Clinic design
  • Rollout plan
  • Financial projections
  • HR considerations and profiles
  • Prepaid health plan design / considerations
  • Obstacles and risks