What-If Analysis Tool


When we use our award-winning tool with a new client, we would interview them and review their documents in order to thoroughly understand the whole picture of their business and its component parts. We then build models using our What-If Analysis Tool to dynamically relate the component parts to each other and advise clients on what their particular system is sensitive to.

“Basically, we help people think clearly about next steps by building custom models to show them the climate their company is operating in. We listen to them deeply and reflect the realities they care about in dynamic models so they can see their world in one place - see what it’s sensitive to, see obvious gaps in things that they thought were attractive, notice features of approaches they had previously ignored, make changes and see what happens.

We’ve had great results! There’s something very rewarding to actually see outcomes of decisions you might make - you really feel as if you're making the most informed choice for your business. And it’s much less anxiety producing than trying to walk through different scenarios in your head.”

- Greg Starbird, creator of the WIAT and Starbird Consulting Founder

Real-life applications include: Companies looking at various strategic options, international expansion, whether or not to focus on existing or new product categories, and exploring new distribution channels and/or methods.

Praise for the WIAT:

“The What-If Analysis tool developed by Starbird is superb. I have been a strategic coach to CEOs in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, so I am always looking for tools that accomplish a lot and are simple to use. My recent experience with the What-If Analysis turned out to be a great way to think through various strategic financial choices for the business, and then to have a good conversation about picking the right choices. I have not previously experienced such a simple-to-use tool that still raises the right financial choices to consider. It was especially useful that the CEO and I could do the analysis in real-time together, discuss the outcome of the strategy, and then go on to consider and compare other strategic options.”

- Richard Haiduck, Executive Director at Compugen