The HealthStore Foundation® ( ) is an award-winning organization that operates the CFW (Child and Family Wellness) franchise network of medical clinics owned and operated by local nurses in Kenya. CFW is a business format franchise and has served over 5 million people in Kenya since the year 2000, distributing effective-quality medicine in challenging areas where substandard medicine kills people. Greg Starbird assumed progressive responsibility at HealthStore beginning in 2006, culminating in his appointment as CEO in 2011. As CEO, Greg oversaw the continued operation of the CFW medical clinic network in Kenya, guided the implementation of key innovations, and helped lay the groundwork for HealthStore’s new commercial healthcare company. Greg also worked closely with Blue Marble Media during the production of a video summary of CFW's work.

Highlights of Greg's work with HSF-CFW:

  • Oversight of strategy, senior staff, staffing decisions, organizational structure, major tactical moves, etc.
  • Managed 15-member board of directors, 15-member Kenya staff, 5-member US staff
  • Corporate Secretary and Member of Executive Committee of board of directors of US501(c)(3)
  • Chairman of Kenyan NGO and Kenyan for-profit subsidiary
  • Embedded years of know-how into a market assessment / business planning tool for healthcare startups
  • Invented an industry-leading dynamic financial modeling tool for healthcare startups
  • Inspired multiple other groups towards launching similar networks in other countries
  • Annual budgeting, vetting of monthly cash requests from Kenya
  • Maintained annual patients served while reducing in-country Kenya costs by 60%
  • Engineered changes to supply chain and field functions, including via mobile payments
  • Opened company-owned units as laboratories to test new ideas
  • Developed management dashboard to unify goals of clinics, staff, and board of directors
  • Created novel voice-of-customer techniques and tested patient-level incentive schemes
  • Successfully obtained funding commitments ranging from $5k to $1.5m
  • Managed due diligence process and/or relationships with funders (e.g. ExxonMobil Foundation, Procter & Gamble, USAID, Flora Family Foundation, GSK, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
  • Advised case studies (IFC, Harvard, IESE, etc.); controlled institutional information; implemented fundraising database; prepared board materials, financial reports, operational updates, photos, statistics; etc.
  • Launched sister network in Rwanda (see One Family Health client case study)