Miller Center reached out to Starbird Consulting to assist with their Scale-Out Initiative that focuses on creating successful social enterprise business models. The Scale-Out Initiative is developing a series of open-access playbooks as a response to a growing demand for adaptable business models to spread in new geographies.

In 2017, Starbird Consulting helped developed the first playbook, whose subject is Last-Mile Distribution. In this playbook, we identified, extracted, and distilled best practices from successful last-mile distribution enterprises. We then helped the Miller Center package these lessons into a comprehensive 12-module playbook, and delivered the playbook to 8 early-stage, last-mile distribution entrepreneurs through webinars, slide presentations, exercises, and personalized mentors assigned to each entrepreneur.

So far it's been met with rave reviews:

“Everything’s going amazingly well. Seriously, you don’t understand how amazing this whole course is, because it’s answering a lot of questions we didn’t even know how to get the answers to. I was talking to my business partner about it as well, and he was just like 'man, I cant’ believe that you’re getting all of this stuff, it’s incredible.”

–Early user of Last-Mile Distribution Playbook

Currently, Starbird Consulting and the Miller Center are designing, prototyping, building, and launching a second playbook to be ready for use by the end of Q2 2018. We are designing this second playbook, the Microgirds Playbook, to help entrepreneurs distribute off-grid energy through mini-grids and micro-grids.

Over the course of the playbooks project, Starbird Consulting has gained invaluable understanding regarding the education and cultivation of social entrepreneurs. As we continue to refine and shape Playbook 1, we are eager to apply our hard-earned insights to developing Playbook 2.